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History of Mari State University had begun in the year 1972 as a non-profit public higher education institution in Russia. It was founded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The University is situated in the city of Yoshkar Ola (the capital of Mari El Republic). University has always been an active member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities as well as a member of the Volga Region’s Association of Classical Universities. Not only this, Mari State University founded the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities. It is also, the Centre Education and Scientific research and is recognized by the major councils of different nations such as Medical Council of India (MCI), European Medical Council (EMC), UNESCO, etc. and also enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

01. Our Mission

We aim at the pursuit of health in the service of society. Our objective is to facilitate higher education to all the students around the world for the comprehensive development and preparing them as specialists to work in the field of health care focused on the development and implementation of innovative diagnostic, treatment and prevention technologies educated in the spirit of humanism and compassion


The quality of education in Mari State University is comparable to the European standards. MarSU follows the international curriculum.

The classrooms and laboratories in Mari State University are well-equipped with all the modern infrastructure and technology.


  • 1972- The University opens its doors to the students. Presently, it has 4 schools: Physics & Mathematics, History & Philology, Agriculture & Biology and Chemistry.
  • 1974- The University has opened the Botany Department, and the Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology Department.
  • 2009- Mari State University is awarded with the gold medal European Quality.



One of the Top Medical Universities in Russia, renowned for its scientific research, amazing student life, sports activities, elite faculties. MarSU offers quality education at an affordable cost with an easy admission procedure and separate facilities of Indian living & dining, which are the added advantages for Indian students seeking admission for MBBS in Russia.

  • Affordable Quality Education and Unique Curriculum

  • English Medium

  • Simplified Admission Procedure

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Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think.

This quote by Albert Einstein fits the education system to the core. To put light on the education system in the modern world, it for sure aims at an all-round development of the students through various tools and techniques. Students now-a-days enjoy numerous facilities beginning from the school time and when it comes to getting higher education, the students are made accustomed to learn what will help them become responsible individuals and professionals of tomorrow.

In fact, the students of the modern era are so focused about their career prospects and priorities that they precisely know what and where they want to study. Some choose to study in their own country while some head to foreign universities in the search of quality education.

If we talk precisely about the Indian students, many of them have this nomadic attitude. This longing to study in the Top Foreign Universities land them in various countries of the world. And if we are supposed to pick one country where most of the Indian students went to study or want to study especially for Medical Education (MBBS), that one country will undisputedly be The Federal Republic of Russia or simply Russia as we all know it.

Every year, more than 250,000 international students from over 150 countries go and study in around 750 Russian universities. By 2018, the number of international students in Russia is estimated to be increased by 10%. The data of international students in Russian universities comprises one third of the Indian students.

What makes such a huge number of Indian students to travel all the way to Russia from all around the world? Which factors are the highest sources of attraction in the student life in Russia for foreign students? Let’s find out and look at the top advantages for students studying in Russia.

  • Quality Education
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Great Practical Exposure
  • Wonderful Social Life
  • Teaching process using latest aids and equipment (audio-visual aids)
  • Precise Delivery of Education
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Chance to learn foreign languages
  • Golden Employment Opportunities

As far as Mari State University’s popularity among Indian students is considered, then we do not have to think about it again as most of the Indian students get enrolled every year to our University to pursue higher education, especially MBBS and also for the above mentioned advantages they avail here at MarSU.

Apart from the mentioned amenities in the student life of Russia, there are other various factors that make the Student life in MarSU much more dazzling and exciting. The best part is that the students not only enjoy a wonderful and productive student life inside the university campus, but also outside the university premise, mainly in the cities of Russia. Some of such dynamics which makes the student life in Russia more interesting are-

Russia- A great country to explore

Russia is the world’s largest country. It is geographically expanded over 9 time zones. Since Russia covers such a vast area, student life in Russia provides the students with great cultural diversity with more than 150 interesting ethnic groups to live with.

Chance to discover some of the famous cities of the world

Student life in Russia is very attractive, especially in famous cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cities are said to give students lots of recreational facilities at any cost and time. There are endless options for recreation, including parks, sports complex, museums, and much more.

Well-Connected Transportation System

Russia has the world’s fastest metros and transportation facilities. One can easily reach downtown Moscow by a metro in less than 30 minutes from Moscow State University. Other modes of public transport in Russia include buses, trains, ferry and taxi. Routes are spread all over Russia and the prices are very cheap, making it quite affordable for foreign students.

Economical Accommodations

Students can easily find an accommodation at the University hostels at reasonable costs with all the facilities required. Foreign students can also live with a Russian host family. This gives them the best chance to blend with the Russian life style while they study in Russia. Foreign students looking for privacy may choose to rent an apartment which is fully equipped with basic living facilities. Not only this, especially we have Indian mess for you that serve the Indian delicacies to you, accordingly.

The decision to study abroad is a very serious step. If you are thinking to go for the same, you will have to plunge into a foreign culture, adapt to new conditions, get used to a new climate and gradually learn Russian. The Russians are however known for their hospitality and friendly manners and the students who visit the country never face any sort of difficulties. Our culture has a rich traditional background especially in the field of literature, classical music, theater, ballet, architecture and painting.

Studying MBBS at Mari State University for sure, will offer you an opportunity to experience the best cultural and traditional diversity of the world, in your student life. On the whole, student life in Russia can be absolutely rewarding. Make the most of your time in the country and enjoy its glorious nature, interesting cities, beautiful culture and hospitable people.

MBBS in Russia for Indian students at low cost is not a myth. We are a live example of it!!
You are Welcome to Join Us!!

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