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Mari State University Joins World Youth Festival in Sochi


Mari State University Joins World Youth Festival in Sochi

Sochi will take center stage as it hosts the World Youth Festival from 1st March to 7th March. With more than 20,000 participants from all over the world, the World Youth Festival aims to strengthen connections between young leaders, talents, and active youth, shaping a new multipolar world grounded in justice, mutual respect, and understanding.

Among the participants are the finest students from Russian universities, with a notable group from Mari State University in Yoshkar Ola, a well-recognized university for its academic prowess and vibrant student community. Mari State University is particularly notable for its sizable Indian student population, With more than 1,500 Indian students, this diversity serves as a hallmark of the institution, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

The Indian students of Mari State University are all set to leave their mark on this global stage as part of the university’s delegation. Because of their active involvement in social and cultural activities, these students showcased the spirit of youth leadership and engagement. Their participation reflects the strong bond between Russia and India on various global platforms such as BRICS, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

"I am proud to see our students from Mari State University represent our institution and our country on the global stage at the World Youth Festival. Their active involvement in social and cultural activities, alongside their academic achievements, exemplifies the spirit of youth leadership and engagement that we strive to foster at our university." - stated Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N, Rector of Mari State University.

The World Youth Festival is a global stage to foster and develop international, humanitarian, and cultural ties. As the host, Russia continues to showcase its dedication to greater international collaboration and cooperation among the youth. These cultural exchanges and dialogue act as a framework for a more harmonious and inclusive future.

As the anticipation grows for the upcoming World Youth Festival, Mari State University is prepared to display the talent, diversity, and spirit of its students globally. Alongside their peers from various countries, they will join forces to contribute to the common goal of creating a better future, guided by principles of fairness, mutual respect, and empathy.