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MarSU at the 24th Russian Education Fair 2023 in India


MarSU at the 24th Russian Education Fair 2023 in India

The Russian Education Fair is a unique annual event that takes place in various cities across India to facilitate admissions to the top universities in Russia. The 24th edition of the fair, Russian Education Fair 2023, was successfully held in Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The event witnessed an overwhelming response from Indian aspirants who expressed their keen interest in pursuing higher education at renowned Russian universities.

In addition to Mari State University, the Russian Education Fair of 2023 featured prestigious government universities from Russia, including Perm State Medical University, Orenburg State University, Tula State University, St Petersburg University, and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

The fair commenced on May 14th, 2023, with the inauguration ceremony led by Mr. Osipov Oleg, the Director of Russian House in New Delhi, and accompanied by the Head of Education from Russian House, Delhi, along with a representative from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India. The event was graced by the presence of Ms. Elena Barman and Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, the Vice Chairman of Rus Education, alongside other members of Rus Education.

Numerous delegates from top Russian universities actively participated in the fair to address the queries and concerns of Indian students. Notable representatives included Ms. Bastrakova Natalia, the Deputy Director of Work with Foreign Students at the Medical Institute of Mari State University, Ms. Gladkova Olga, the Head of the Institute of International Education at Tula State University, Ms. Lopach Olesia, the Head of the Admissions Office for International Applicants, Ms. Butlerovskaia Angelina, a Specialist from the Admissions Office for International Applicants at St Petersburg University, Prof. Oseian Daiana, a Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language at Perm State Medical University, Prof. Tretiakova Luliia, an Assistant Professor of the Polyclinic Therapy Department at Perm State Medical University, and Prof. Liashchenko Diana, a Professor of the Department of Anatomy and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Orenburg State Medical University.

Throughout the fair, Ms. Bastrakova Natalia made dedicated efforts to provide the best opportunities for Indian students interested in pursuing higher studies in Russia, particularly in the field of MBBS at Mari State University. Students and parents who attended the event in different cities had the chance to interact with Ms. Natalia and gain valuable insights and knowledge about the university, available programs, the admission process, admission discounts, scholarship opportunities, personal counseling, and more.

The fair culminated on May 21, 2023, in Mumbai, with the presence of notable individuals. H.E. Mr. Aleksei V. Surovtsev, the Consul General of Russia in Mumbai, graced the event with his presence, along with Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., the Rector of Mari State University, and Ms. Elena Remizova, the Director of the Russian House in Mumbai. Air Marshal (Dr.) Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), Vice-Chairman of Rus Education, and other senior members of the organization also attended the fair, playing a crucial role in ensuring its smooth operation and positive outcome. Their esteemed presence added prestige and expertise to the event, further enhancing the opportunities for students and parents to engage with representatives from leading Russian universities.

Among the attendees at the fair, several students enrolled for various programs including the MBBS program at Mari State University. Overall, students and parents were highly satisfied with the numerous benefits they derived from the Russian Education Fair 2023.