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Mari State University Accommodates 3,000 Ukraine Returned Indian Students


Mari State University Accommodates 3,000 Ukraine Returned Indian Students

One of the best universities in Russia, Mari State University will accommodate 3,000 Indian students who have returned to India from different medical universities in Ukraine to continue their studies in medicine. Mari State University has come to the rescue and in support of Ukraine returned Indian students in such challenging times when there is no scope for them to continue their medical education in their home country.

During a special live session organized by Rus Education, Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., Rector of Mari State University, made the declaration. The goal of the session was to assist Indian students from various Ukrainian universities who were interested in completing their MBBS and beginning lucrative careers as doctors. Dr. Dinesh Singla, Director of Rus Education, took part in this live session and discussed Mari State University's intentions for transferring students from Ukraine to Russia with the university's rector.

20,000 Indian students studying medicine at Ukrainian universities are unable to finish their degrees due to the unpredictability surrounding the country's present political situation. These students have repeatedly requested that the Indian government find ways to allow them to continue their MBBS studies.

The rector of Mari State University reassured the returned Indian students from Ukraine of his full support and extended a warm invitation for them to pick up where they left off with their MBBS studies. The university has welcomed Ukraine returned Indian students who are in distress with open arms and promises to offer them a good environment where they can grow and learn. He also stressed that Mari State University is a truly International University where students from 47 different countries study under one roof so the Indian students get global exposure

Indian citizens who have returned from the Ukraine and are interested in continuing their MBBS in Russia at Mari State University should get in touch with Rus Education, the university's sole Indian admissions partner. The university is additionally willing to accept Indian students who have online transcripts from any Ukrainian institution. Mari State University has put a lot of effort into helping Indian students who have returned from Ukraine continue their MBBS courses in Russia. To transfer from Ukrainian medical universities to Mari State University, any such Indian students may do so by contacting Rus Education at their toll-free student helpline number 1800-833-33-38.